Take the Recreational Avelo Diver (RAD) Course with Hydrotherapy!


Embark on a thrilling underwater adventure like never before…

with Avelo’s cutting-edge equipment and training program the Recreational Avelo Diver (RAD) Specialty.

Hydrotherapy Dive Charters is bringing the Avelo System to Pompano Beach, Florida this summer, July 11-16th.

JOIN US in becoming an early pioneer of this new innovation in scuba technology!

One Day Training and two-tank certification dives will be offered by Avelo on Hydrotherapy for only $550.

Rent a system to use for two additional dives for $100.


What is the Avelo System?

The Avelo Hydrotank system is built around a buoyant, lightweight carbon-fiber tank with a large 106cf capacity (most recreational scuba tanks are only 80cf) and a massive max service pressure of up to 4350 PSI! WOW. The Avelo tank is buoyant, and can become lighter or heavier by adding or removing water (not air) to maintain neutral buoyancy. You don’t need weights or a BCD anymore! Your Avelo jetpack-style rig will be about half the weight of a traditional BCD, weights and tank.

Why Avelo

  • Experience Unrivaled Comfort and Safety: The AVELO Dive System redefines diving comfort with its ergonomic design and advanced safety features. Dive enthusiasts of all levels can explore the depths with confidence, knowing they’re equipped with the latest in dive technology.
  • Enhanced Performance: Say goodbye to traditional dive gear limitations. AVELO’s streamlined equipment optimizes performance, allowing divers to effortlessly navigate underwater landscapes and enjoy longer, more immersive experiences beneath the waves.
  • Seamless Learning Experience: Whether you’re a novice diver or a seasoned professional, expert instructors provide comprehensive training tailored to your skill level. With AVELO Dive System’s intuitive design, mastering essential diving techniques has never been easier.
  • Unleash Your Inner Explorer:Explore Panama City Beach’s mesmerizing marine ecosystems with newfound freedom. From vibrant coral reefs to captivating shipwrecks, AVELO Dive System empowers divers to embark on unforgettable underwater journeys.
  • Join the Dive Evolution: Embrace the future of scuba diving with Hydrotherapy Dive Charters and AVELO Dive System. Our commitment to innovation ensures that every dive is an exhilarating adventure filled with excitement and discovery.

Don’t miss your chance to dive into the future of underwater exploration. Book your AVELO Dive System training experience with Hydrotherapy Dive Charters in Pompano Beach, FL today!